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About Omnia

OMNIA was designed for the player to reflect with himself about who he is, about the challenges in his life, what he will do for the future and always questioning the past, present and future.

livro passado
livro presente
livro futuro

Make your own way

Question your behavior in everyday situations in a game full of challenges that will make you think about yourself.

In Omnia, regardless of which decision is made, these will be embraced by the game in order to guide the player to know himself better, having a recognition, at the end of the journey, of the path that was traced.

Venture out

During 10 Moments you will make choices, answer questions, react to situations and many other challenges that, in the end, will make you find your key.

This key is the answer that will indicate some of your traits that were characteristic during your trajectory in the game.


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