OMNIA is a game for pc, set in its own universe, whose main characteristic is the combination of affection and technology.

Divided between activities and the characteristic platform game, the game translates activities proposed by cognitive psychology, in order to make the player know, in a light and irreverent way, a little more about himself.

The creation of the OMNIA universe came from an idea of the Rio de Janeiro psychologist Sandra Aquino who, during her studies and personal relationships, realized the possibility of combining affection and technology in a fun product of self-knowledge for its users.

For a long time, Sandra kept the dream of creating this product that would reflect the results of her studies and her personal experiences, marked by an innovative combination.

Sandra Aquino, criadora do OMNIA

The proposal is to make the individual more and more interested, for learning about yourself in a more relaxed way, with less demand and greater retention of knowledge

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Dividido em 10 momentos, o OMNIA traz atividades que lidam com a mente do jogador, explorando consciente e subconsciente, ao colocá-lo em meio a situações onde precisa tomar decisões baseadas em seu próprio julgamento de vida. Ao final das tarefas e de toda a trajetória que o jogo propõe, o usuário recebe uma chave que revela traços de seu comportamento durante o momento em que esteve jogando, assim como um convite a aventurar-se novamente em breve.